Kenneth V. Walton



Kenneth V. Walton, Esq.
Kenneth Walton attended the University of California at Berkeley School of Law - Boalt Hall. At UC-Berkeley he was awarded several Scholarships. He excelled in Evidence and Trial Practice throughout his tenure there. At, the outset of his career, he argued both civil and criminal cases in many counties throughout California, and New Mexico, in one instance.
Several years later, he became a Volunteer Supervising Attorney for the Eviction Defense Center (EDC) in Oakland, California. The EDC, as it is now affectionaly called, is a Non-profit organization devoted to empowering tenants by educating them and providing outstanding tenants defense to those patrons facing eviction in the Oakland-Berkeley corridor. He was elected President of the Board of Directors of the EDC and held that position for almost three years. Although he no longer is involved in the day to day management of the EDC he is proud that it countinues to provide services for those in need.
During the past couple of years, he has continued his education by attending courses in Foreclosure Prevention, Defending Subprime Mortgage Foreclosure, and California Unlawful Detainer Training (with an emphasis on evictions stemming from foreclosures) taught by the Practising Law Institute of New York City.
Kenneth Walton's education also includes a degree from Williams College in Political Economy.
Kenneth Walton has defended tenants and homeowners facing evicition in hundreds of cases in various cities and counties in the Bay Area.
Mr. Walton's approach in litigation is to always be prepared to go to trial. This approach requires tireless preparation, a devotion to focusing on detail combined with his presuasive techniques which insures that the "trier of facts" understands his side of the defense. He is licensed and admitted to practice in the Federal Court.
There are not many attorneys in the Bay Area or California who practice in the area of tenants defense. He enjoys it immensely since there can be no greater joy or sense of satisfaction gained than when one assists someone in preventing their eviction from their home.
"You can use my Acquired Experience as a Tenants Defense Attorney to Work For You"
Kenneth Walton shall use his extensive experience and background to help you. He understands what it means to be a tenant since he grew up in the projects in New York City. He recognizes that ordinary people have to fight harder for their rights. You won't find a better advocate on your side, than a former New York City tenant who now practices law and is known for his aggressive defense of his clients rights - that's why he is called "The Agitator".